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5 Reasons to Buy Plants from Local Nurseries

Local nurseries are the backbone of local gardening. Shopping local is the best way for you to ensure that the plants in your yard grow and flourish. Using the Simplyscapes app, you can shop online inventories from your local garden center.

They sell native plants that actually work in your region.

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Have you ever spent hours selecting a plant, researching what it needs, and caring for it, only to have it die? It might not be your fault, it could be that your plant simply doesn’t thrive in your area. Big box stores will ship in plants from all over, and just because you see it at the store down the road, doesn’t mean that it should be planted in your yard. When you purchase a plant from your local nursery, you can be confident that it was raised to flourish in your growing zone. 

Employees at nurseries know their stuff. 

Rather than crashing your search engine with dozens of tabs open as you attempt to learn how to garden online, you can spend time discussing your questions with a professional who literally gets their hands dirty caring for plants every day. Most of them are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter how basic. Whether you’re a long-time gardener or you’re just starting, you can benefit from the knowledge of the staff at your local nursery.

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Plants at nurseries are well-cared for. 

This is another place where big box stores pale in comparison with local nurseries. In nurseries, plants are meticulously cared for, offering you the best growing experience after you take ownership of them. If you buy plants that were not taken care of, this may also lead to plants dying. Other stores may not have employees that pay so much attention to their plants.

You can support local small businesses. 

Garden centers are a key part of the local economy and community. Garden centers are a natural gathering space, and they are becoming even more of a relaxing place to spend time. In England, garden centers are beginning to feel like coffee shops, where locals can visit to relax and work. 

Unfortunately, as fewer people shop at local nurseries, and rural areas become more urban, many have to close their doors and sell their land to developers. This leads to fewer local growers near you that are suited to your region. So, if you want to continue benefiting from your local garden center, we recommend that you shop there as frequently as possible.

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They inspire you to do more with your yard.

If you have ever walked into a garden center in full bloom, you know that it is breathtaking. Amidst the flowering perennials, trailing vines, and the fresh scent of springtime in the air, you can get lost in another world. The immersive experience of visiting a garden center can inspire you with ideas for your own yard, help you envision your plans, and give you the tools to succeed. As the world becomes more and more digitized, this is one industry that becomes even more crucial. We cannot truly flourish as humans without nature flourishing around us. Garden centers make it possible for us to access the beauty of the earth, and therefore connect with ourselves.