Cool Tones Design Template

Cool Tones Design Template

Good landscape designs are based on several different aspects. Some of the basic aspects include color theory, texture, and variety. This template doesn't contain many types of plants, yet it checks all the boxes for an appealing planter bed. Let's break down each of those aspects below.

Color Theory

Many people know that color theory matters when painting walls inside your home. Different colors can affect the mood of a space. Cool colors–blues and greens, for example, bring feelings of peace and relaxation. Warm colors–reds and yellows–bring excitement and demand attention.  As purple is a mixture of blue and red, it can go either warm or cool, depending on which colors are near it. If they're cool colors, as the ones in this template are, purple becomes a cool color, as well. The cool colors of the plants in this template create a calming, peaceful environment in your yard.


Another great quality of this template is the abundance of texture. Texture in landscape design refers to how rough or smooth the leaves and the overall plant surface appears. With a lot of fine, sharp, and frilly textures in this template, the design is visually exciting and keeps the eye moving. The interesting textures of the plants in this landscape bed balance out the soothing colors--while the landscape colors are relaxing and bring calm feelings, the exciting textures keep it from being boring or invisible.


This planter bed template brings variety in many forms. There is a variety of plant shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. The fountain grass is tall and cascading, the chrysanthemums are dense and mounding, and the junipers spread around the plant bases. The dark purple of the fountain grass contrasts with the white chrysanthemum flowers and the silver-blue juniper foliage. There are various textures, including the frilly flowers, the feathery grass plumes, the spiky juniper foliage, and smooth yet lacy chrysanthemum leaves. The variety of plant sizes also brings visual interest, from the tall grass, to the medium mums in the middle, down to the small ground cover junipers. Variety is the key to a compelling landscape design.

If you're looking for a landscape template that can fit in a tight space or expand in a larger one, this one is very versatile. The colors are calming and the textures are exciting. The variety keeps things interesting and brings out the best qualities of each plant. This template is a winner for sure, and no matter the season, there will always be something beautiful in your landscape!

Cool Tones Design Template

Cool Tones Design Template

Plants used in this template:

  • Purple Fountain Grass

  • Chrysanthemums

  • Blue Pacific Juniper