Purple and Gold

Purple and Gold Design Template

This planter bed template employs just three different plant species, yet it packs a massive punch, year round. It’s versatile, too–if you’ve only got a small space, this plan can be scaled down. Alternatively, it could be duplicated and stretched to fill a really large bed. All year round, your landscape will look beautiful with these powerhouse plants! Let’s break down some of the best qualities of this design.


The complementary colors of the golden-yellow and the deep purple in this plan create a rich and vibrant contrast. These plants are the dream team and the colors go so remarkably well together. There’s also a contrast in plant shape. The switchgrass is tall and bold and demands attention, and the roundness of the Black Eyed Susan and coral bells provides the variety of plant form that is so pleasing to the eye.

Seasonal Color

This landscape template brings something beautiful for every passing season. In the spring, everything is freshly leafing out and getting all its color back. Summertime is prime for Black Eyed Susan blooms and the switchgrass and coral bells are also looking fantastic. Fall takes the cake, as the switchgrass turns to a fiery gold color, the Black Eyed Susans are just concluding their bloom period, and the contrast with the coral bells is at its peak. This planter bed is a true showstopper in the autumn! For the winter season, none of the plants need to be cut down. The grass holds its shape and adds visual interest to your yard (and also provides a home for wildlife and prevents erosion). The Black Eyed Susans also house wildlife and provide shapely visual interest, and the coral bells contribute their charming little mounding form to the scene. No matter the season, you’ll find joy in the beauty that these plants bring.

Formal vs Casual

This template is also a versatile one–as mentioned earlier, it can fill a large or small area in your landscape. It plays well as a casual, friendly landscape. The plants are cheerful and inviting, yet when they’re arranged in this repetitive and balanced order, they do very well in a formal setting.

Thriving, Hardy Plants

All three of the plants in this template are hardy down to zones 3 or 4. They can handle cold winters and snap right back. They all can spread over time, as well, filling in your landscape and creating a lush, vibrant yard.

The vibrant complementary colors of these plants and the rhythm of the design create major curb appeal. And the hardiness, strength, and versatility ensure that it will look good all year, every year.

Purple and Gold

Purple and Gold Design Template

Plants used in this template:

  • Northwind Switchgrass

  • Primo Wild Rose Coral Bells

  • Black Eyed Susans