Red, White, and Blue Design Template

Red, White, and Blue Design Template

This template is composed of plants that are tough and can handle cold winters and dry summers. Your yard will look beautiful all year, no matter the season! As arranged in the template, these plants stretch along a space that is approximately 60 feet wide. However, plants can be repeated and added to stretch further, or removed to fit this design into a smaller bed.

The plants in this design make a fantastic team! The colors clearly work well together, and the variety of shapes, sizes, and textures makes for a harmonious scene. A successful landscape design generally has one or two main focal points, then several plants that complement those stars. This template follows that method, but there’s an added layer of interest, because the stars of the show change each season. We’ll break that down below as we discuss the different colors you will see in your yard with each passing season.

Year Round Color:

-Spring: In the spring, the flowering pear tree is in full bloom, teeming with white blossoms. The smoke tree also blooms, though its yellow flowers are tiny and soon turn into the puffs that give the smoke tree its name. The barberries grow fresh leaves and pale yellow flowers while the burning bush and yarrow leaf out, too. 

-Summer: Summer is when everything is full and leafy. The pear tree will now be filled with green leaves, but otherwise, the rest of the plan will look just like it’s pictured in this template.

-Fall: In the autumn, your already beautiful landscape will become next-level gorgeous! The colors of the barberry, the pear tree, and the purple smoke tree intensify and expand to deep reds, oranges, and purples. The burning bush, as its name implies, turns a fiery red. Yarrow is a powerhouse flower, blooming through the summer and fall. The white flowers and the silver of the spruce needles make a truly spectacular contrast with the deep fall hues of the surrounding plants.

-Winter: In the cold winter months, you’ll still have color thanks to the silvery blue spruce needles and the barberry, which hangs on to red berries throughout the season. Those two plants are a dream team! They complement each other well and add perfect contrast to your planter bed all year.


-Drought Tolerance: Another one of this template’s best qualities is its drought-tolerant nature. Once established, all of these plants are waterwise, making them excellent choices for low-water areas or drier weather. You can have a beautiful yard without spending massive amounts of time, money, and effort watering it. With these plants, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

-Cold Tolerance: Each of these plants grow in zones 4 / 5 to zones 8 / 9. The yarrow and the spruce are hardy all the way down to zone 2! They can all handle snowy, freezing, winter weather, and they will all come back looking great each spring.

This template sets you up for a fantastic yard that looks beautiful all year! The plants can handle cold winter weather and dry summers and with each new season, there will be bold new colors to catch the eye.

Red, White, and Blue Design Template

Red, White, and Blue Design Template

Plants used:

  • Flowering Pear Tree

  • Royal Purple Smoke Tree

  • Burning Bush

  • Barberry Bush

  • Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

  • Firefly Diamond Yarrow