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Surprising Benefits of Sustainable Landscaping

We know that some of you may envision sustainable landscaping as a yard with nothing but dirt, rocks and a few cacti. However, this is far from the truth. A well-designed sustainable landscape can look and feel like a lush oasis that both captivates the eye and relaxes the body. Sustainable landscaping obviously helps to preserve natural resources, but there are benefits that many people don’t realize. Read through to discover each!

It helps you to save money.

Let’s be honest. Plants can be expensive. If you have ever planted something and watched it die before your eyes, it may have been because it wasn’t the right plant for your growing zone. When you have to replace a plant, the cost suddenly doubles, so it’s worth it to do your research and get it right the first time. Especially when you are planting an entire yard, it’s essential to use cost-effective methods, so sustainable landscaping for your area is the best way to go. Luckily for you, the Simplyscapes plant database helps you to select the right plants for where you live. 

Plant combinations - water wise

Using plants that work in your area.

By growing native plants, your entire gardening experience becomes smoother. Instead of fighting against nature, you’re able to work with it. Sustainable landscaping is truly superior to traditional gardening because it reduces the ongoing workload that you have to put into your yard, while also increasing the eco-hardiness of your land. Additionally, using native plants helps to give your yard to feel “just right” because it suits the climate and wild plants in your area.

Your yard supports pollinators and birds in your area.

When your yard is suited to your geographic location and climate, it can become a natural ecosystem for animals and plants to live together. If you’ve ever wondered why your neighbors bird bath seems to get so much more attention than yours, it might be because of the plants they have in their yard. As we encroach more and more on nature, we can make our yards friendly to the creatures that add to the landscapes natural beauty.  

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It reduces the urban heat island effect.

While it's well-known that grass can help to cool off hot neighborhoods in the summer, many people don't realize that other trees, bushes, and shrubbery can do the same thing (and do it better) without taking nearly as much water to survive.

You aren’t left with a yard that is impossible to maintain. 

Imagine if you could have a vibrant and eye-catching yard while only spending about 10 hours a year on it's maintenance. Doing so isn't impossible when your irrigation system and plants are designed to work together. Goodbye morning glory and hello work-free Saturdays!

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