Symmetrical Hedge

Symmetrical Hedge Design Template

As arranged in this template, these plants form a symmetrical hedge of somewhat loose, mounding plants. The symmetry creates balance, but the looseness of most of these plants and the variety adds softness and warmth. With this design, you also get a winning color palette and something beautiful in the landscape year-round.

Let’s talk about some of the winning qualities of this design!

Symmetrical Hedge:

The symmetry in this design brings balance and a dash of formality to your yard. These aspects always improve your property’s curb appeal. The plants used here are also staggered, which allows each plant to shine and creates a fuller appearance. They make the perfect hedge–they fill in gaps and have consistency and repetition, yet they aren’t boring or dark or stiff like many single-species trimmed hedges can be. 

Seasonal Color:

While there are not a ton of different types of plants in this design, there are enough to bring color and beauty in each season. In the summer, the design will be as pictured–full, blooming, and beautiful. In the autumn as the flowers are just finishing their bloom season, the color of the barberries deepens and the dogwood leaves turn light maroon. Winter highlights the deep red branches of the dogwood shrubs, and the barberries display bright red berries (that will also attract birds to your yard). In the spring, everything comes back to life and leaves out once again.

Winning Blooms:

Both the Shasta daisies and the lavender are real powerhouse flowers! They’ve got a long bloom period, and if you deadhead spent flowers, they’ll put out more fresh blooms. They also attract pollinators, and the lavender adds an enticing and relaxing aroma to your space. Shasta daisies are such bright, cheerful flowers, and are usually covered in blooms. Both of these flower plants are also drought-tolerant, which is an increasingly desirable attribute.

Color Template:

The colors in this template work so well together! Red, white, and blue are always a great color combo. You’ve got contrasting lights and darks, within individual plants and throughout the design. Shasta daisies, alone, bring contrast with their dark green foliage, bright white flower petals, and a sunny yellow flower center. The whites of the flower petals also tie in with the white edges of the dogwood leaves. The silvery green lavender foliage echoes the pale green center of the dogwood leaves. The dogwood branches and barberry foliage are a similar deep red. All of these plants work together–they each bring out the best qualities in the other.

This template is an easy win for your yard! It brings balance, warmth, and instant curb appeal. The flowers attract pollinators, the winter berries beckon to birds, and the beauty and calming aroma create a yard that you’ll want to spend time in. No matter the season, the plants in this template make for a truly beautiful landscape.

Symmetrical Hedge

Symmetrical Hedge Design Template

Plants used:

  • Ivory Halo Variegated Dogwood

  • Barberry Bush

  • Lavender

  • Shasta Daisy