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The Water Wise Entertainer's Dream

In this garden, you can find a near textbook rendition of a water-wise garden. Even though you won't see any grass on this property, the landscape is still functional and eye-catching. This landscape was professionally designed and it shows.

Note: any bulleted, italicized comments you see come from our in-house landscape designer!

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In the front yard, you can see many low-growing shrubs and blooming perennials that surround an impressive dry creek bed. The owners' favorite plants are miniature lilac bushes which bloomed past Memorial Day this year.

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  • Variety is the name of the game here, in plant colors, shapes, sizes, and textures

  • Movement is created by the use of line and direction

  • Some of the plants featured: thyme, snow in summer, juniper, columnar weeping spruce, ornamental grass

One thing to note about the planters is that even though they used rocks for the creek bed, they still have mulch surrounding their plants. This helps the land to retain moisture better than gravel or small rocks.

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On both sides of the front yard, angular fences provide privacy to the front of the house and reinforce the modern design. Behind the fences, there are many pathways of different materials, making the spaces feel individual yet cohesive.

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  • Some featured plants here: Daylilies, pine, and ornamental grass

Unique water features throughout the property add visual interest while also serving as a resource to local pollinators.

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  • The mulch in this space doubles as a meandering, woodsy walkway

Along the front of the house, a raised patio offers a non-traditional approach to a social space. Because it's in the front yard, it's accessible to neighbors and other visitors, yet the fence in front helps to make it feel more private and intimate. This space and the space in front of it are well shaded by large evergreens and smaller maple trees.

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  • Groupings of three

  • Repeated color, the pops of red-orange contrast perfectly with the slate-blue background of the house

  • The pots are complete with a "thriller, filler, spiller"

    • Thriller stands up tall, filler rounds it out and adds color, spiller cascades over the edge

To reach the backyard, you pass through a gated area with artificial turf where the previous owners had their show dogs enjoy the outdoors. This space may not be for everyone, but it certainly is a clever idea for those who are concerned about having problems with their dogs with or without grass.

Peonie hot tub
  • Peonies, bark mulch, rock retaining walls, and ornamental grass make for a great impression

Upon entering the backyard, pink and white peonies steal the show in the spring, and two large waterfalls that spill into a lower pool add to the naturalist vibe.

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Crossing over a metal bridge, you can see the details of the waterfall and surrounding plant life up close.

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  • Unity is created as the wooden base of the bridge ties in with the wood siding on the home, and the stone in the walkway ties in with the riverbed stone below

  • The materials bring a natural feel, as does the natural way that the plants are woven into the riverbed

  • Some plants used: ornamental grass, ground cover, weeping Norway spruce

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  • The river is clearly the star of the show here, and its meandering properties are echoed in the weeping form of the tree and the crawling ground covers below.

  • Plants featured: irises, ornamental grass, moss phlox, English ivy, weeping Norway spruce, penstemon

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Neutral colored pavers tie in with the detached garage and carry you to the right a hot tub, a covered walkway to a deck for outdoor dining, and towards the back of the property.

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  • Between the ground cover and a variety of low, clumping shrubs, this space is all the better without a grassy lawn patch.

  • Plants featured: irises, dwarf mugo pine, lavender, chameleon plant

IMG 5172
  • This area is begging to be explored and enjoyed, with a variety of color and beautiful things to look at.

  • Plants featured: petunias, weeping Norway spruce, pine tree, red barberry, daylilies

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  • This space is both secluded and social. The artificial turf and stone walkway make for a low-maintenance, easily enjoyed space

Here you can find another shaded social space with a fire pit where the owners love to hang out, as well as a fairly large putting green, complete with a sand trap. Clearly this garden is suited for company and strikes the perfect balance between modern and natural. It also shows that water wise landscaping doesn't have to compromise beauty or function.

See this landscape design in Simplyscapes.